Boondocking!!! (Or, as our Daughter says – “Boom-docking”!)

  • Water Conservation – yep; in every way, shape and form.  More specifically, this means:
    • Scrapping the dishes before washing (we use a nested three dishpan system with small amounts of hot water in each – one for wash, one for rinse and a final with a few drops of bleach for a final rinse/disinfectant.)  
    • Taking an armed forces shower “wet down -> water off -> soap up -> water on -> rinse off”.  
      • Often, our family will just put a gallon or so of hot water in a dishpan and complete this procedure.  (Note:  It is a separate, collapsible dishpan for the bathroom only 😉
      • No, you can not wash your hair, condition your hair and and do that final product rinse – trust me, you are in the woods and the chipmunks will not care.  It can be freeing actually!  There are some great RV parks and full hookup campgrounds in your future where this is wholly appropriate. 😉
      • Don’t run the water while you brush your teeth!  (I mean, who does this nowadays anyway?!?)
      • Bring some extra water in your tow vehicle – just in case!  We carry a 6 gallon can, and it can come in pretty handy!
  • Coffee – Make it on the propane stove.  One option is a pour over carafe system & a teapot.  (This is what we choose.)  Another is a french press & a teapot.   The tea pot acts as a multi-tasker anyway.  And, both the pour over carafe or a large french press are lighter options than an electric choice.
  • Food – Bring items you can cook on your propane stove top, oven, grill, or griddle.  No microwave while boondocking on solar alone.  
  • Electricity conservation:
    • Air Conditioning – Keep in mind that if you live where it is hot, no AC when boondocking on solar alone.  
      • We live in the west and have found that the fan, and a small usb rechargeable fan, work great with open windows.  
    • Television – (Not to be confused with “TV” which, apparently in the camper/RV lingo means “tow vehicle”)  You can safely count on about one two-hour session a day (one movie on a dvd).  
      • If you want more, one option is a small, portable lithium battery with a 12v port.  We use a Goal Zero and have been super pleased.  We can charge it with our Renogy 100W suitcase solar panel also.  
    • Lights – Lights in the GeoPro are pretty dang efficient.  Honestly, you can run a few lights and not really worry about it.  
      • That being said, solar is my new obsession, and I carry a few small solar lanterns that I charge up during the day and they usually last us each night.  I keep one in the bathroom also.  
    • Heat – Run the heater only enough to knock the chill off when needed.  If you live where it is truly cold like we do, keep it set as low as you can during the night.  
    • Water Pump – Turn the water pump on as needed and keep it off when you are not using it.  

New to the camper life and all this lingo seeming a bit confusing?  On top of all the new stuff you are learning?  You are not alone!  As tent campers making the leap to our first camper, we had much to decide and learn.   One of the main reasons we chose the GeoPro was that we are TOTALLY it’s demographic.  We wanted the ability to still go to all the federal and state land campgrounds that we had always enjoyed, while having the creature comforts of warm sleep, a really close bathroom, and (you guessed it), our gadgets!!  Solar baby!!  (You mean we can run the water pump, heater and charge our phones/tablets without a loud, noisy generator??  We are in!!)   GeoPro at Night

Back to boondocking  – This means camping as a self-sufficient unit.  In other words, not being hooked up to water, sewer or power.  (Not to be confused with Moochdocking, but that’s another blog!)   Full Disclosure:  We have a 2020 G19BH (with 2 – 12v deep cycle marine batteries) – which means we have a 100w solar panel and a two way fridge that we run on propane while boondocking.  So all the following applies to those parameters.  (Not sure how the newer 12v fridges & 190w solar panels do.)

Here are the top things I’ve found the most helpful for our family while boondocking:

So that’s all I’ve got!  Hope it helps and that you and/or you and your family have some Ah-maz-ing adventures!!  

“We’re making memories, damn it!!!”  –  my Husband after I “helped” him back the camper the first time, LOL!! 

  • Jolly Camper Mom  

2 thoughts on “Boondocking!!! (Or, as our Daughter says – “Boom-docking”!)”

  1. Love this! And so happy I found your page. We are knew to the “camper” world from tent life as well. We just did a one nighter to “test” our boom-docking skills. Doing a week in a couple of weeks.
    Have a FAB day

  2. Yep for all those reasons, we chose a 2021.5 Geo Pro 19FD back in February. Been out a couple times, almost a week last time and plan another week over Memorial day.

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